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No matter you’re beginning from scratch, relaunching with a total new brand identity. Or just simply want to optimize your hotel marketing plan to gain more bookings. There are plenty things to consider when it comes to hotel marketing strategy.
Due to the technology development and constantly changing customer needs these days. Creativity in marketing strategy is fundamental for every hotel to step up and stand out from the rest competitors. Being listed on travel sites is not enough anymore, but positive customer reviews and high-quality content will work just right.

Hotel Marketing
Hotel Marketing

Hotel Marketing – 5 Critical Elements Should Be Used

A captivating website

First impression is the material; therefore, hotel website must be looked eye-catching and stunningly designed to potential customer. This is the place where people can know more about your business and decide to book a stay or not. Not just provide information, website is also the online channel to generate direct sales for hotel. It was found out that 65% of reservation are made on smartphone. Thus, having a user-friendly booking engine which helps handling self-service reservation is important. Remember to keep eyes on amenities and room detail as well, they need up-to-date information and easy to find.
The tips for creating a great website is that. It not only the efficient machine to generate new leads, but also the mirror to reflect experience that guest will have at the hotel. Ensure they have a pleasing one.

An engaging social media presence

Social media plays a crucial role in any marketing campaign. There are many channels to start with such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It’s never been easier to reach you customer like the moment. However, first thing to note down is that assigning someone to keep maintaining it is the most decisive point. By keeping social media message live and engaging, you are encouraging customer to interact with your business. Besides, content is vital, make sure you set a delivery schedule for new and tempting ones. According to surveys, most people are finding the hotels they stay in via Facebook and Instagram. Social media, thus, is imperative when it comes to hotel marketing.
Building relationship with customers is an effective way for customer acquisition. And social media allows business to communication directly with guests. Here are what you should do:
• Encouraging them to leave reviews about your hotel. One positive review works better than any promotion due to the power of word-of-mouth.
• Asking them to share their photos, snippets and memories from their stay at hotel.
• Showing the stories behind your brand.
• Apply digital marketing on social media.

Follow SEO standard and raising awareness

Hotel Marketing
Hotel Marketing

Once creating a website, the next thing needs to do is to make it reachable for customer. Which mean they able to find it by their search engine. At that point, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) appears as the push to get clicked upon from customer. Local events, special promotions, or travel-related are recommended topics that you can write. Using relevant content with strong, most-searched keyword and strong secondary ones like the name of your local neighborhood or district. This not only build organic visibility for a diverse set of searches, but also help increase revenue.

 Taking standout photos

People tend to be attracted by visually stunning thing, which is why photography is very integral in marketing campaign. Engaging photography can make all the difference between scoring a booking or losing one. When managing social media or creating website, make sure guests need to be able to picture their stay. Remember to add as many photos as possible.
Virtual tours are even greater, this is literally one of the best ideas you can execute for your hotel. One of the biggest barriers which guests encounter when choosing a hotel is not knowing what their room look like. By showing the atmosphere and level of the accommodation, as well as different amenities or notable features of the room. You are seizing the target potential customer, turning them from intention to actual action.

Invite KOL to speak for you brand

Hotel Marketing
Hotel Marketing

KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader. This is a term refer to famous people with the influence in one specific field such as singer, model, actor. Opposite to the idea that influencer marketing is only applicable to big business. In fact, many small businesses use influencer as well if they can afford the budget.
This is, no doubt, an effective marketing strategy. However, one crucial point when choosing KOL is to find the most suitable person for the product/ service. Not the best or most famous one, but suitable one. Therefore, hotel marketing staff need to do surveys to see which KOL are followed the most by their target customer. Via which channels, what is their concern about service/ product. From there, visualizing which field or how popular that KOL for hotel need to operate in.

Hotel marketing package of Streetnet Media

In the competitive hotel industry, finding the perfect hotel marketing balance can be difficult. Use the above elements in your hotel marketing plan to drive direct bookings, defend your reputation, and improve the overall guest experience. With our marketing service package, we will support you in all aspects. From creating website, building brand identity, generating content for social media to contacting KOL.
• An efficient, transparent, and professional workflow.
• A team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in website design.
• Always listen and understand customer opinions and feedback.
• Free consulting
Streetnet Media is proud to be a reliable unit where provide hotel marketing package in Danang. With young, enthusiastic, professional and dedicated staffs, Streetnet always bring the best value and absolute satisfaction to customers.

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