7 steps to a successful social media video marketing strategy

The amount of time people spend watching online video has increased rapidly over the world, at an average rate of 32% a year between 2013 and 2018. According to an updated report, Zenith estimates that the average person will spend 100 minutes a day in 2021 watching videos. There are many ways that video can be performed in social media marketing. We’re not limited to TV-style ads or testimonial videos.

Follow our 7 major steps to creating a successful social media video marketing strategy.

1. Set goals for video marketing
2. Decide on your platform (s)
3. Select your video types
4. Plan content production
5. Know what post-production entails
6. Schedule & promote the videos
7. Understand & analyze metrics

1. Set goals for video markeing

When starting a social media platform, there’s a need to set clear goals. For example: What do you want your videos to achieve? In particular, if you are just getting started, you shouldn’t set too many goals. Setting marketing goals for videos is very important, it will help to create your own brand awareness.

Through videos, customers can identify the features of the product more clearly. Videos are short and logical. For example, the Lo & Sons brand promotes video products to help consumers visualize themselves with the bag. In addition, the video can not only be used as a feed post, but can also be promoted as a social ad.

Below are five stages for a funnel marketing and videos can easily fall into each stage, as well as you develop your video content to target these stages.

Marketing funnel
Marketing funnel

2. Decide on your platforms

Every social media platform has its own video format. For example: Facebook will have a variety of videos while Snapchat and TikTok depend on a format. In case you’ve never used video on social networking, you should start with the ones where you’ve set up your watchers. According to Statista and data collected in February 2019, viewers on Instagram, Facebook use around half of their time watching videos.

It is important to choose the right platform and use it in right way. In order to choose the right platform, you have to understand platform clearly as well as the dimensions of videos can be performed.

Finally, if you’re looking at content like how to use the product, take a look at YouTube and Facebook. In addition, Instagram also recently launched a new application-IGTV.

3. Select your video types

There are many types of videos and it can be used for different purposes. Determining the right type of video for your brand is an indispensable step in marketing strategy.

Below are some types of videos that you can consider.

Education: For new customers, they often use a polite tone as an expert. For current customers, the videos can be focused on guides and tips.
Behind the scenes: These describe company operations and staffs behind the curtain.
Interviews: For guest speakers, interviews are a perfect way to approach your audience to a new influencer and vice versa.
Entertainment: They provide entertainment to the audience and highlight your brand’s messages
Testimonials: Customer comments after they experience the product. The video introduces how a customers uses your products or services and customer will be persuaded to purchase.

video's qualities
Top online video qualities for customer’s decision-making

According to a research, 48% of audience want videos that reflect the specific product or service they own or care about.

4. Plan content production

A good content production plan will save your time and money in the long time. You don’t have many options for content production. You can hire an agency. They will handle all script ideads and you only need to give guidance’s.

If you want to plan everything by yourself, you need to take the following steps;
– Preparing tools and props
– Writing scripts
– Editing scripts
– Creating story for videos
– Planning for movie shooting
– Searching for suitable actors
– Identifying the location of the shoot and adjusting the light
– Knowing where to send the footage to be edited
– Determining who is responsible for each steps
– Checking that the music you’re using is copyrighted or not

5. Know what post-production entails

If the purpose of your video is to be used for advertising or you want to highlight it, you have to pay attention to post-production. Post production includes a lot of things like cutting, editing, inserting music, and more. Especially since YouTube is a video platform, you’ll need to optimize your words and images to stand out.

6. Schedule and promote videos

Once you have the completed video, the next step is to schedule and promote it. Some platforms like Streetnet offer video publishing options for video. One fully produced video could be uploaded to several platforms depend on your timetable. In terms of livestreams application, you need to promote constantly in order to people can get involved every time.

7. Understand and analyze the data

The last step you need to do is analyzing, so you’ll know if it works or not. For example, how many views? The likes and comments. Nowadays, each platform has its own data analysis algorithms, so it’s essential to learn carefully before you start.
We have provided you with 7 steps to create a marketing strategy for your video. We hope this information might be helpful to you.

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Social media video marketing is essential and beneficial for any brand with the aim of increase sales, brand awareness. Our article will share you 7 effective steps to a successful social media video marketing strategy.


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