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With the development of the Internet and social networking sites, one hotel cannot ignore strategic promotion channels like Facebook, Instagram. These are one of the popular advertising channels which are currently applied by many hotel businesses. Moreover, the tourists nowadays spend a lot of time searching on social media. Thus, the regular sharing of programs and photos also helps the hotel to reach their target market.

Building an impressive and attractive video or photo slide about hotel to post on social media is a must. These images will be easily accessible to a wide range of customers, not only domestically but also international customers.

Hotel Photography
Hotel Photography

Hotel Photography – The Importance of Visual Attraction

According to a survey conducted in 2014 by Brain and Cognitive Science Department at MIT. It was found out that human eyes process a photo just in about 13 milliseconds. Faster than a blink of an eye counted as 200 milliseconds. Which mean nothing can communicate concepts of a hotel quicker than great photos.

The old used to say, “An image speaks a thousand words”. Especially in hotel industry, where photos play a 60% role in decision-making process. Also, based on Industria Marketer, content with appealing, relevant images tends to gain 94% more views than the one without. These two results proved that photography can make all the difference between scoring a booking or losing one.

Another notable figure is that 57% of travel reservations are found out to be made online. In which 60% are fall into brand websites and 20% are through OTA listings. What happen if you don’t have great photos? Guests won’t book with you over others if your imagery isn’t on the same level with your competitors. Photos drive online-booking is the fact that no one can deny.

Marketing or even good branding originates with effectual imagery. The most possible solution for hotels is to seek help from a professional to capture their property. Working with someone who understands the brand and the story behind it is very important.

Hotel Photography
Hotel Photography

Hotel Photography – What Should Be Taken?

Guests expect to see wide-angle images of hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, pool areas and common space. Which give them more of a sense of the world they will be entering.

Hotel photography ideas, therefore, are various; however, these elements below should be highlight.

  • Guest rooms: Being clean and inviting are good, but they only get your room a passing grade. Make sure to show recent upgrade as well as luxury room or suites. The little details give you unexpected plus point.
  • Room features: Remember to highlight the key features of each room. They are certain things guests are looking for when it comes to booking a hotel. For example, guests sometimes miss on the information such as iron, kettle or instant tea, coffee. In that case, photographing these thing gives them reassurance that they will be there.
  • Restaurants or dining areas: Full-service hotels should make it a point to highlight their on-site dining facilities. Normally, many guests appreciate the added convenience of somewhere to eat on-site. The cuisine at hotel is an important part of guest’s stay and can often determine whether they will consider returning.
  • Destination: Showing prospects of surrounding area is suggested as well. For example, emphasized local events, popular attractions, and other interesting activities which usually draw tourists to your locality.
  • Amenities: Infinity pools, gyms, parking, rooftop bar, spas, etc. Anything or services provided which you find them stand out and deserve a spot in you photo gallery.
  • Meeting space: If your guests are partly fall into businessman type, or you want to attract more businesspeople. The meeting halls or conference rooms should be used to draw people’s attention
Room Service Breakfast
Room Service Breakfast
  • Streetnet Media’s hotel photography service

Good photographs are a worthwhile investment and a key to any effective marketing strategy. Once understand that, you must these questions as well.

What kind of impression are you making with your leads and customers? Does your photography encourage them to book immediately, or does it leave them second-guessing their initial impressions?

Therefore, choose photographers with a style of photography that supports your brand and be consistent with it is crucial. Once you have found your photography stick with them. Because consistency will ride a long way to consolidate that your content will be recognized by hotel visitors online. At Streetnet Media, we mainly provide marketing service to restaurant and hotel industry. Thus, we have extended experience in hotel photography. Here are what we bring to you:

  • An efficient, transparent, and professional workflow
  • A team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in photography
  • Always listen and understand customer opinions and feedback
  • Free consulting

Streetnet Media is proud to be a reliable unit to provide hotel photography service in Danang. With young, enthusiastic, professional and dedicated staffs, Streetnet will help you to tell your story by our photos. Right story to be told with right customers.


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