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Each industry will have a different concept and design style that is suitable for customer segments as well as their brand positioning. A name card template is simply a small piece of hard paper and it includes full information about individuals and businesses. 

Owning a quality name card set not only shows the professionalism of the business but also builds trust and prestige image in the hearts of customers. In the following article, Streetnet will suggest to you the best quality business card template for the restaurant and hotel industry that are worth your reference. 

Why should restaurants and hotels design name card template?

Just like the reason that any business in any field needs to have its own set of name card designs. Owning a separate set of business cards will make a professional impression on customers. In addition, the name card template also shows the spirit of the image for the restaurant or hotel, where a lot of emphases is placed on the brand image in the eyes of customers. 

The use of the name card set is not only in terms of images but also provides information for customers. It can be used as vouchers, membership cards, etc. If your restaurant or hotel has good service quality, customers can completely use that name card to introduce you to friends.

name card template
name card for restaurant and hotel

Name card template pay attention to?

These will be the 4 factors that make the business card more aesthetically pleasing:

  • Color: the color of the name card will usually be the main color of the business. Choosing the main color will help increase the recognition of your brand. 
  • Layout: A business card should not contain too much information. A name card template with lots of text will make it look extremely unprofessional and outdated. Therefore, the arrangement of the text layout in the name card is extremely important because it greatly affects the aesthetics. 
  • Logo: On a name card, the logo image is considered mandatory. It helps customers recognize your brand when holding a business card in hand. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider how to place the logo and the appropriate logo size. 
  • Information: Information on the name card needs to be accurate and clear. Make sure the information is searchable and authoritative. 
name card template
name card for hotel

How to create a name card template for restaurants and hotels?

There are many ways to design your own beautiful business card template depending on your budget and requirements. Streetnet will list a few popular ways to create a name card template satisfactory.

Option 1: Design your own online name card

 If you want to save money, you can use this method. Currently, there are many websites (like Canva, Jukebox, DesignMantic,…) that support designing business cards without any design skills or expertise. You can search for a few business card templates available online and customize them to fit your business. 

Option 2: Design your own name card template with professional design software

If you have the skills to use design software such as Photoshop, AI, … and have good taste, you can completely do it yourself. Design your own business card. This is a very cost-effective way and you can also get creative with your ideas. 

Option 3: Hire a professional design agency outside

Hiring a professional design unit outside is also a reasonable way to own a quality name card template that you can refer to. To save design time as well as get a satisfactory finished product, you should clearly outline your requirements to the design team. It can include the colors, information, logo, and images required for the name card template. That way, the design team will make it easier and also meet your requirements. 

If you are wondering when looking for an outside design unit, you can refer to the service of STREETNET. At Streetnet specializes in providing professional name card design services for many restaurants, hotels,… You can be assured of quality when choosing Streetnet. 

Name card templates for restaurants and hotels

Streetnet would like to suggest you some name card template so that you can refer to your name card. 

Name card template for restaurant, eatery

Name card for the restaurant should pay much attention to the image on the name card. The color of the name card should be eye-catching, for example, red or orange, and have lots of food images on it. The information should be brief, including the address, the name of the restaurant, the logo, and the owner.

name card template
name card for restaurant
name card template
name card for restaurant
name card template
name card for restaurant

Name card template for hotel, resort

The name card for the restaurant should have a minimalist and luxurious design. The logo needs to be clearly visible and the focus of the entire business card. Color is also very important when making business cards for hotels. Neutral color tones will be a reasonable choice. Information should also be simple and easy to read.

name card template
name card for hotel
name card template
name card for hotel
name card template
name card for hotel

The above is a collection of beautiful name card template that Streetnet suggests to you to help you find ideas for your business card design. Hope you will find an idea that meets your needs.


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