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Design a website for businesses with the desire to promote, increase brand awareness or increase revenue through online sales. It sounds difficult to do, these jobs are extremely simple, let’s refer to 7 steps to design a website for your business to help your business own a very professional website right away!

7 steps to design a website for business

Step 1: Find a web hosting and register a reputable, reliable Domain

Design a website for businesses
Design a website for businesses

Website hosting is the space to store all data divided from another server, so you can download the website his up. When you sign up for a service at a hosting provider, it means you are renting a location to put your website on that server to store data files so that the website can work.

To design a website for your business you also need a domain name (Domain). The domain name is the name as well as the address of your website. That address will be used by your customers to access through their browsing process. After registering the domain name, we will proceed to design a website for business .

Step 2: Choose a website design platform

Most people will immediately think of the WordPress platform when choosing a website design platform because it is extremely popular. WordPress gives you full control over the web interface and is technically free. However, the main problem with WordPress is that it is not suitable for websites with professional features. We recommend choosing paid platforms like PHP and NodeJS to make your business website more professional.

Step 3: Outline the layout for the website interface

To complete this stage, you must clearly understand the purpose of the website, then you apply your creativity and update the trends in web design. Imagine and sketch your website in as much detail as possible so that you have a more objective view when designing a website for business .

Step 4: Design and finalize a website template

From your ideas and sketches to the website design. Starting from building a detailed sitemap, fully showing the layout, content of the website and the functions of each page.

Website design for your business must ensure the optimization criteria to harmonize with the overall website, friendly with search engines. In terms of form, the interface must conform to the standards of layout, images, colors, … to have an intuitive web design.

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Step 5: Test and test run to design a website for businesses

After completing the website, you must ensure that there is no mistake in a single detail to put it into operation. First, test it on the Mobile web to see if your website is optimized for mobile devices, then you conduct a test run of the website, allowing customers to access the website. At this point, design a website for businesses is basically complete.

Step 6: Analyze and improve

Continually update, monitor and analyze the performance of your business website. Concerned criteria such as the customer’s website access experience, errors, security issues … carry out to fix and update a complete and most professional website to customers.

Step 7

Design a website for businesses
Design a website for businesses

The final stage of website design for business is when you make sure everything is running perfectly and then launch your website.

Things to keep in mind when design a website for business

  • Own Useful content, good presentation will attract and increase the number of visitors to your business
  • Design a website for businesses, the interface must be suitable for all Interface: Phone, Tablette, Computer.
  • Double-check each page, the site’s links should be in good working order.


Above are detailed instructions on designing a website for business, if you have any questions or you want a website from an outsourced unit, please contact us. we.

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