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Why do we need to design a website for business? Because it not only introduces and promotes products but also helps businesses build brands on the internet. Provide the latest information, answer, comment on relevant knowledge and fields. So to convert website users into customers who use the product. Every business should have a quality assurance website (layout, images, colors) and of course must be an easy-to-use and well-interactive website.

So what is design a website for business?

Design a website
Design a website

Designing a website for a business is the design of a website to introduce the types of products, services or all business activities of that organization. And the fact that every business owns a website is an indispensable thing, especially with the current era, the digital age, an era of technology 4.0.

Essentials for a business website

SEO standard business design a website

Streetnet considers SEO standards to be the top deciding factor when designing a website. The website is built in accordance with the maximum SEO support standard, ensuring that all website evaluation criteria are met from Google. Support for raising the ranking of the web to the top of search, making it easier for customers to find businesses.

Modern – professional interface

  • The website interface is invested in design: Each website displays products and services,… or simple business information needs to be designed in a clear and beautiful way. It is easy to impress by the correctness and professional style.
  • It’s easy to edit: It is possible to be proactive in customizing the interface, updating the content. That advantage is that there is no need to know about programming skills, design, still easy to use.
  • Optimized on mobile: A beautiful website can not only look when they are displayed on the desktop, but also make sure the display is beautiful, well-rounded on all devices, or mobile phones, the internet is the most used.

Full-featured support

Support for businesses to easily create their own blog on the web, which in turn can attract more visitors, increase the number of customers, increase the brand identity for the organization.
It can be spread more widely by sharing news and articles on other social channels such as Facebook, Zalo,…

Automated customer care utilities

The integration of chatbox on the website will make things more convenient when you can quickly respond to customer’s questions, give comments, and provide the necessary information to them quickly.
Supports in connecting your website to messenger and some other live chat channels. There is a feature of sorting, caring and interacting with customers automatically according to the available form.

Some of the utilities that Streetnet offers you when signing up for design a website services

Design a website
Design a website


Providing HTTPS is completely free, making security as well as building on a more reputable website. Help your website get hit by Google and have a higher ranking.

High-speed website, free hosting

A website with high speed will win the sympathy of customers more, as they get a smooth experience, tracking information without interruption. In the eyes of customers, the professionalism of the organization is also enhanced.

Free multi-app

Our Streetnet conduct the free of many applications to help the operation and development of the business is carried out in the most convenient way.

Here are some tips on designing a website for the most standard and relevant business. If you are a new business, you want your organization to have a standard – beautiful – professional website, then do not hesitate, please quickly contact us – STREETNET – MARKETING SERVICE to be able to give you useful comments on the design of this website.

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