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In order to meet the ever-expanding promotion trend of each business, brochures are considered an integral part of this promotion process. However, we know there are a lot of you who are wondering about brochures, do not know what it is?How to design impressively? Or are the factors that determine a beautiful brochure.Our article can completely answer your questions, as well as help you shape a brochure that is suitable for your business. Let’s first learn about the concept of a brochure.

What is a brochure?

Beautiful brochure
Beautiful brochure

Brochures are also known by the English name Pamphlet. This is a term used to refer to the types of publications that advertise in the form of folds or have a few pages like a brochure. It can be said that it is almost like a leaflet, but it contains more general information about the company, products, services, discounts,…as they can be easier to capture information.

What’s a beautiful brochure for?

Brochures were born to promote the business, attract customers, so we need to make it more beautiful, more refined. In the eyes of customers, that business is also professional and has a lot of investment, so it is easier to win their sympathy. A beautiful brochure is when ensuring aesthetics, fully expressing information – because it is an important sales document of the business. Introduce all the activities of the company, convey the best images to customers.

The deciding factor to have a beautiful brochure

Here are some of the factors we recommend you apply to have a beautiful brochure:

Decide on concepts, themes and structures:

To start designing a brochure, it is necessary to determine its use objectives: product advertising, direct marketing,…It is necessary to collect all the information about the brochure in order to be able to apply the most suitable design. There is always a guarantee of the message that will be delivered directly to people.

Impressive, attractive cover design:

Beautiful brochure
Beautiful brochure

The cover is the place that attracts the first look from everyone. When customers are interested in the beauty and uniqueness of this cover, they will not hesitate to see the things inside, check out the useful information you give them. In this section, you use minimalist fonts combined with bright images. It helps to create attraction for your design.

Unique and creative:

These two factors are indispensable for attracting customers and are important factors in determining the effectiveness of advertising for the business. Creativity in combining images and colors should be perfected in the best way. Ask yourself, “Is this brochure original and a unique design that makes people realize it even if it’s only looked at it once?”

Ensure high resolution:

Create sharpness for your brochure with a layout in high resolution. When the viewer observes, they will feel a lot more comfortable than using low resolution to design. We encourage you to use a resolution of at least 300dpi, to make sure there is a sharp brochure to every detail.

Combine using titles, accents, charts, and images:

Beautiful brochure
Beautiful brochure

No one is interested in a page, which detracts from people’s interest in your product. Let’s immediately simplify the beautiful brochure by combining the chart and the image, because their first attraction is in terms of image, take care to invest in good image quality.

Call to action from customers:

It is very important to call for action from customers, from those who view your beautiful brochure. You can invite them to visit the showroom, place an order, or maybe schedule an appointment. A brochure is beautiful and meaningful if you know how to call and encourage customers to do something. This also increases the value of your brochure.

Above are a few notes to help you as well as your business have a beautiful brochure, make an impression in front of your customers. If you want to design a beautiful and professional brochure, do not hesitate to contact us – “STREETNET – MARKETING SERVICE”. We are very happy to exchange as well as receive your questions and suggestions.
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